A new way of doing “business as usual”

I’ll try to stay more on the solution-based side from now on. Since the academic statements do serve as a baseline for a clearer evaluation of the situation and are imperative to formulate a solution, any real solutions require being tested and reformulated again, and again.

One of my biggest lessons this summer was seeing with clarity how complex the relationship between the world of ideas and the real work is. Any brilliant idea -no matter how perfect it seems- needs to go through a continuous and never ending process of adaptation. The paradox is, the more perfect an idea is, the more it will need to be modified in order to work in the real world. Its a concept difficult to express, even more so because I actually realized it by living it, so I still don’t know how to put it into words.

Still, it is a principle I have found to be at the core of a new generation of businesses and organizations. Those who continuously seek feedback and are real about people opening their eyes up to their own flaws. They have recognized what is inherent to any man-made organization: flaws, lots of them… so instead of denying this painful (and natural) truth, they build their systems to work with this core reality. They are open to feedback and quick and eager to adapt continuously.

Some of the organizations I have seen live by this principle at their core are StartingBloc, Acumen Fund, and Think Impact, and it is mind-blowing to see how much they thrive on this commitment to seek feedback and readapt. I will talk a little more about them and others doing similar work, what they do and why they do it.

For now I will leave off introducing you to Seth Godin, one of the thought leaders who writes about the imperative of creating a new breed of businesses and organizations. His blog and books have spurred up conversation and many new incredible projects over the last years. His free ebook titles “What matters now” compiles thoughts on what organizations today need to do to stay relevant. Each thought is by a different entrepreneur or thought leader. It is simple short and beautiful.

This is an example of one of the thoughts that this types of new organizations usually attempt to stand on.
Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 7.40.58 PM


Read the Ebook, look into his blog or watch this TED talk to get a sense of his thinking in how YOU and I can make a difference with our work everyday.